Cankun: "Science Can Help You"


Cankun's new material is what you would hear at the plunderphonic discothèque. It starts off with mid-tempo house shuffle punching through an electric guitar cascade and some synths flourishing far off at the horizon. Then there's a bit of dub echo out chaos and in comes some groovy Tropicalia that could be an outtake from any of Caetano Veloso's self-titled albums. Cankun debuted in 2011 with a cassette on Not Not Fun, Jaguar Dream. The issue with Not Not Fun at the time was that no matter how consistent the label was, a lot of the artists just blended together. Rack it up to a strong curatorial aesthetic. Vincent Caylet's project was no exception, but the story has changed this time around. Leaving the simplistic, lo-fi sheen behind, Caylet is on the other side of aural puberty. Not only is his sample programming bonkers, but his production is beautifully complex. Francesco Gallo of Hobocubes blows some sax on this bad boy, but that gets lost in an all-encompassing density.

Culture of Pink is out March 5 on Hands In the Dark.

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