Cankun: "Save My Day"


In his debut album for Hands In the Dark, Culture of Pink, Cankun, the project of one Vincent Caylet, is one of the more promising things on our radar. Perhaps as a nod to his lo-fi days, the nebulous, aquatic video for "Save My Day" appears to be shot on fuzzy VHS tape, a warm aquatic visual freakout moving in time with the beat. Anchored by its guitar line, "Save My Day" conjurs up a little bit of coldwave in its repetitively plucked melody. Caylet's production weaves all the disparate elements of this tapestry smoothly together in a far more understated, mellow number than "Science Can Help You."

Culture of Pink is out March 5 via Hands In the Dark.

CANKUN - Save My Day from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

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