C. Lavender: "Letting Them In"

C. Lavender:

C. Lavender has been shredding her way across the abstract music scene for a few years, on both the solo tip and through collaborations with the likes of Cock E.S.P. and Long Distance Poison. It took her a minute, though, to actually release a full-length. Hence, Fortitude in Wintarmanoth on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! was a much-welcome entry in 2013's massive cassette pool. In a realm so steeped in performance, it has always been C. Lavender's righteous sounds-- culled from just a bass and some pedals-- that make her stand out. If you didn't catch her at Ende Tymes a couple of years ago, or weren't in attendance at some DIY show in a Brooklyn or Upstate NY, her debut finally gives you a taste of what she's all about. Here, C. Lavender presents three pieces recorded over the course of as many years, showcasing everything from timbrally morphed bass to, uhhh, trip metal. "Letting Them In" is the site of some especially devastating, caustic drones. It ends up that she knew a thing or two about zoning in even before she started hanging around Pauline Oliveros, with whom she now does some apprenticing.

Fortitude in Wintarmanoth is out now on Ecstatic Peace! There are still some copies left thourgh C. Lavender's website.

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