Buzzy Lee Made a "Kick Em Out of Your House Kindly" Playlist

Buzzy Lee Made a Photography by Brantley Gutierrez

Last month Sasha Spielberg released 'Facepaint', the debut EP under her latest moniker Buzzy Lee and we are very excited to be presenting her first ever NYC performance at Park Church Co-op on May 16.

To celebrate the occasion, Buzzy Lee made us a "kick em out of your house kindly" playlist - the perfect mix for those generous enough to host a "kickback" but not cool enough to party til the sun rises.

Check it out below what Buzzy Lee had to say about each track and keep these tunes handy for the next time you need to usher out your guests with the aux cord! 

1. “Stand On the Word - Larry Levan Mix” by the Joubert Singers.

Get your guests all riled up so they get tired and leave. This is only part one of what I call the "rile and tire.”
2. “Beam Me Up” by Midnight Magic.
Part two of the “rile and tire.” gets people feeling freaky so they’ll want to go home after letting out so much freak.
3. “S.O.S” by Abba. 

Part three of '"r&t" will have people singing along and their voices will feel so weak after they’ll need to retire!
4. “The Age of Self” by Robert Wyatt
Now we bring the chill vibes. One can move to this song still, but they’re moving a bit slowly...
5. “Arrow Through Me” by Wings

But then, Wings comes on! Someone’s hungry. Someone asks “shall we order pizza?" Oh gosh no, you want them OUT. So you turn on —
6. “The Warnings Part II”  by David Axelrod

Cool song, but what an intense lullaby.
7. “Opps” by Ebhoni
Because Axelrod was a little heavy and made you feel like we’re all rapidly aging. This will lighten you up and make you dance a lil. 
8. “Oh Honey” by Delegation

Two people have left. Will the train of retirees begin? One can hope, so you put this chill song on.
9. “Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong” by Gene Harris

Okay Delegation worked but now you feel kinda uncool so you try this jam. A few people start body rolling, closing their eyes and dancing. Now you feel cool. But you still want them out…
10. “There’s No Answer Without You” by Love Apple
Cute, romantic song. People will see you as a beautiful host instead of one who wants the party to end. 
11. “Cement Shoes” by DJ Spanish Fly
Okay the song literally starts with him saying “shhhhh.” Now it’s really na-night time. 
12. “Body Double - Body Double” by Pino Donaggio
This will have people waving goodbye and dancing out of your house which will leave you satisfied with the night but also pretty emotional, therefore forcing you to sleep as otherwise you will be crying all alone in your house. Goodnight!
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