Bubbly Mommy Gun: "Some French"

Bubbly Mommy Gun:

This is the most persistently catchy thing that's likely to spill out of your hi-fi all day. Athens, GA-based freaks and indie pop chemists Bubbly Mommy Gun got joyously unhinged last year with their record Sand Roses (more on that one tomorrow), and now the group is prepping their next earworm-laden batch of chaos entitled Los Estados Amigos, just in time for the winter thaw to finally set in for good. As for the tune proper, it sounds like what would come out a of pinata while on LSD; the band has already made clear their passion for celebratory pop (just take a gander at their press release), and "Some French" shows them continuing to embrace it, while making the catchiest song of the day. And it's not leaving anytime soon. Athens, this is all your fault. (via Impose)

Bubbly Mommy Gun will be, uh, partnering up with Party Party Partners and launching a new label for the EP. You can get more info here. BMG will be hitting the road with bandmember Javier Morale's project The Dream Scene as well as Thick Paint. Dates are available after the jump.

(Spelling straight from the horse's mouth):

april 15 - fly in late, and drink Wine
april 16 - oakland @ guy culvers spot
april 17 - oak @ lifechangingministries
april 18 - san francisco @ amnesi
april 19 - oakland @ speakeasy
april 20 - portland @ record room
april 21 - seattle @ another dream
april 22 - olympia @ track house w/ generifus- booked
april 23 - oakla @ ? w/ religious girls twin steps
april 26 - KXLU LA FORT show w/ GANGI @ secret spot- booked
april 28 - fly out of LAX area lets get the hell outta here oh yeah thxx

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