Bruce Smear: "Pick and Roll"

Bruce Smear:

Glitched-out, "yo, omg"-inducing vides are nothing new for electronic music, at least since Chris Cunningham warped minds with "Rubber Johnny" almost exactly a decade ago. This doesn't stop director Anton Tammi from working some serious magic on Bruce Smear's (a.k.a. Tommy Davidson) recent single "Pick and Roll," from last year's CHLORINE EP.  Following a particularly funky crustacean in his ongoing attempts to both get down and avoid being eaten, the video's packed with more eyebrow-raising cuts and post-production FX than I could shake a stick at, particularly one incredible, twisting shot where said crab warps around the screen's periphery to startle an ostensibly hungry scorpion, who turns in a marked gesture of surprise. It's this equally hilarious and perceptive shot, mixing the near-robotic movements of these critters with a perceptively human affect, that sounds such a true note with Davidson's work on the project, and with the genre at large: that the personal, emotional highs of the genre's best tracks are inseparable from its often mechanical backbone.

CHLORINE is out now on Driftless Recordings.  

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