Bob Bellerue: "Side D"

Bob Bellerue:

“We’re all playing the same song, we’re just tapping into it at a different point.” This quote, attributed to “one of the Wolf Eyes dudes” by Bob Bellerue in an interview with TMT, could be the ethos of noise music; a style which focuses on exploring a process rather than promoting a product. As a theater technician, Bob Bellerue is adept at using space to contribute to a piece of work. His music is intense, and he uses physical space to affect the trajectory of his noise compositions, which are improvised, expansive, and harsh. On "Side D," from his new album Damned Piano, the room is as much of an instrument as the body of the piano Bellerue “plays.” There may be some third-variable tomfoolery going on here, but whatever is in the kool-aid that compels Bellerue to torture the strings of a Weber grand and commit its anguished cry to tape must also give him superpolymathic powers. As I mentioned, he’s a theater technician, but he also runs the Brooklyn festival Ende Tymes, two record labels, and has an impressive, mile-long CV of releases and installatons.

Damned Piano is out now on Anarchymoon in a vinyl edition of 200.

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