Black Pus: "Blood Will Run"

Black Pus:

H.R. Giger's passing doesn't mean that all nightmares are dead. With Black Pus, Brian Chippendale-- drummer of Lightning Bolt, not heir to the erotic dance fortune-- has night time terrors on lock. On "Blood Will Run," you will find Black Pus's trademark incessant pounding, ratty synthesizer, and for the first time, undistorted vocals. Keeping his voice clear, Chippendale sings about the collective bad dream that was the Florida shooting of the seventeen-year-old Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn. Throughout Lightning Bolt's work, as well as Chippendale's own as Black Pus, there has always been a life-and-death sense of urgency, but it's rare to be privvy to the literal message being conveyed since they usually treat the human voice as something to mangle. "Blood Will Run" appears on a coming split with thrashers Oozing Wound, making for a particularly raucous piece of vinyl. Play it real loud, because fuck 'em.

The Black Pus/Oozing Wound split is out June 16 on Thrill Jockey.

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