Bitchin Bajas: "Marimba"

Bitchin Bajas:

If you ever wondered who are some of the most devoted acolytes of Kosmische Musik (or maybe, given the French title of their new album, Musique Cosmique) and minimalism, it must be Chicago's Bitchin Bajas, the trio of Cooper Crain, Dan Quinlivan, and Rob Frye. "Marimba," a new track from the forthcoming LP (and cassette) sounds like a pure distillation of early electronic rhythms and endlessly looping notes bathing in the Teutonic glow. The titular marimbas bounce and tangle among the almighty sequencer while the shiny synth waves and ethereal flute push things up into the bliss territory.

Transporteur is out on May 4 via Hands in the Dark.

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