Big French: "Payback"

Big French:

Big French, the project of New York-based Quinton Moore, is yet another cross-roads project for the extended OSR family. Moore plays with Great Valley member Jo-Miller Gamble (on drums) and keyboard whizz//Blanche Blanche Blanche member Zach Phillips (whose Recorded in Heaven was one of our favorites.) The contributions are immediately apparent on the frenetic cut "Payback," where Phillips' idiosyncratic melodi-pop oozes each synth chord played. However fascinating Phillips' contributions are, they take a backseat to the squalling and manic guitar workout that Moore delivers. The one-two punch results in a feeling equivalent to rocking out too hard to Royal Trux while watching workplace-instructional films. The video, by Phillips, parralells the song as cars drive down surburban streets in a mélange of tape-induced colors and transparent images.

Big French's debut Downtown Runnin' is out July 23 via Wharf Cat Records

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