Brooklyn-based Barrie Found Their Bassist on Tinder

Brooklyn-based Barrie Found Their Bassist on Tinder Photography by Daniel Topete

The members of Brooklyn-based indie outfit Barrie hail, variously, from Baltimore, Boston, São Paulo, London, and Upstate New York, but they met at Greenpoint's The Lot Radio, where half of the band worked. Despite their geographical differences, they create a cohesive sound on "Canyons," their psychedelic, bass-heavy new single. On the heels of the release of "Canyons," we caught up with the band and discussed Tinder, their writing process, and their upcoming show at Baby's All Right on February 8 with NADINE and Lexie. You can listen to their new single, "Canyons," below. 

AdHoc: You’re all from very different places: England, Brazil, and the East Coast. How did you all meet?

Barrie: We all met though the Lot Radio in Greenpoint, through our friend Joe Van Moyland. He actually had the idea for the band and connected us all.

How do your different backgrounds influence your music?

Outside of specific sounds and details, I think t’s made us more open minded and aware of the choices we make. When you don’t all have the same instincts and habits, you start to examine them and figure out which ones are holding you back.

You recruited your bassist, Sabine Holler via Tinder—what was it like using a dating app to find a bandmate? 

It was perfect. You can tell so much about someone from their profile; it’s already a performative kind of thing. Sabine runs Tinder, actually. The day we met her, she was already going to shoot with some photographer she met on the app.

What was the writing process like for “Canyons”? 

I wrote it last winter in Massachusetts, and we finished it this winter in Rockaway. We’ve been sitting on it for a while, and we’ve been working on a lot of new music over the last year.

What’s next?

We’re going to SXSW, and we’re gonna do some shows and things on the way. We’re also playing Baby’s All Right this Thursday (2/8) with Nadine and Lexie, it’s a really nice local lineup. Then the Lot Radio party on Feb 10 at Brooklyn Bazaar. We’re also putting out more songs with Winspear over the next few months.


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