Azar Swan: "In My Mouth (Drew McDowall Remix)"

Azar Swan:

Last month Zorah Atash and Josh Strawn released Dance Before the War, their first full-legth effort as Azar Swan after retiring from their previous project as Religious to Damn. The new billing comes with a new focus to draw from their darker contemporary influences. Former Coil member, and more recently half of synth outfit Compound EyeDrew McDowall is an evident fit to remix these two; his reworking credentials famously include most of Nine Inch Nails' Further Down The Spiral, as well as appearing on Long Distance Poison's Gliese Translations. Here Drew eschews the original's primal aggresion for a smeared sequence more libidinous and suggestive of the track's title, leaving Zorah's voice to deliver the pressure of its message of compulsion.

Dance Before the War is availablly digitally from Handmade Birds.

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