Ariel Pink Unearths Old Works, Collaborates With Michael Allen Alien

Ariel Pink Unearths Old Works, Collaborates With Michael Allen Alien photo by Laura M. Gray

Ariel Pink's two collaborative tracks with New York-based weirdo popist Michael Alan Alien have surfaced on Mutant Sounds via Soundcloud. First track, "The Opera," is a manic vocal re-work of "Interesting Results" from the Ariel's 2006 gem House Arrest, and second track, "Creative Decisions," struts with a street-walking bassline and a simple, desperate melody submerged in schizoid chatter. Both songs are part of Michael's Painting Life LP, a collection of several tracks made in the wake of his serious spinal trauma connected with a Living Installation performance this past April. Other notable collaborators besides Pink include Jello Biafra, Geneva Jacuzzi, and Odd Nosdam. All proceeds from the record will go towards Michael's recovery.

Prior to signing with 4AD for Before Today and the recent Mature Themes, Pink made two records with Vas Deferens Organization (Eric Lumbleau of Mutant Sounds's group), the Ariel Pink With Added Pizzazz 12" and the Shits And Giggles-Trick or Treat LP. The 12" includes an expanded version of what became Before Today's lead-off track, "Hot Body Rub". Both were released on VDO's label Free Dope And Fucking In The Streets (which since changed its name to the much more palatable Puer Gravy), and are available for free download on Mutant Sounds.

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