Aloonaluna: "Pelican Cannot Frog"


San Francisco artist Lynn Fister makes some very clean, dynamic drone. Didn't know about her until yesterday, but I'm glad I know about her now. It does make a lot of sense that she dedicated a track on her new album, "Seasons Like Goddess", to Rachel Evans of Motion Sickness of Time Travel. Aloonaluna's upcoming Mythologies is rife with the ethereal-type ambient music which is rare these days outside of a few artists, Evans included. This track includes field recordings from the Amazon made by collaborator, Christopher Fleeger. Interestingly, it's the organ, not these frog sounds, that ground this track in the real world while the rest of it floats in a dream space.

Mythologies is out in a limited edition of 75 unique cassettes on Watery Starve. The label will also be releasing a four-way split in 2013, Taxidermy of Unicorns, featuring Aloonaluna, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Birds of Passage, and Je Suit Le Petit Chevalier.

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