Albert Swarm: "Moths and Moth Catchers"

Albert Swarm: Albert Swarm

Initially shrouded in mystery, young Finnish producer Pietu Arvola, aka Albert Swarm, caused quite some stir last year with the release of his EP Held, provoking countless comparisons ranging from Holy Other and Balam Acab to The Field. While his debut was remarkable, the occasionally all-too striking resemblances appeared to get in the way of praise to extend beyond appreciation for a skillfully executed replica. Fortunately, it only took one more effort for Arvola, now based in the capital Helsinki, to entirely develop his very own musical language.

His sophomore EP, Wake, draws on the sonic concepts of its predecessor yet finds a comfortable new home within patterns that are somewhat darker, but above all considerably more mature and intricate. Remaining in an irresolute position between slow-burning techno and UK bass, the stunning, thoroughly haunting EP closer “Moths and Moth Catchers” finishes off any connotations we might associate with the word ‘talent’. (No Fear of Pop co-premiere)

Wake is out September 4 on Ceremony.

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