Alberich: "Snow Is Falling in the Ruins of Stalingrad"


Alberich is one of the most brutal and infectious industrial projects running right now. Brutal as in Kris Lapke's drums are relentless, his noise devastating. Infectious as in emminent listenability, but literal infection. "Snow Is Falling in the Ruins of Stalingrad" lurches as if ill-- its fidelity, instrumental discernability and vocals all gangrenously rot. This is a song, after all, about snowfall in a city that resorted to boiling shoe leather while starved out by Nazi forces. You may know the Hospital stalwart from his collaboration with Dominick Fernow as Christian Cosmos, or from their black metal band, Ash Pool. This track was pulled from the stellar cassette anthology, White Eye of Winter Watching.

Alberich is playing 285 Kent, Brooklyn this Saturday with Cult of Youth.

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