Airbird: "Trust"


When confronting the traditionally uncool, you end up with two choices: stick your tongue deep into your cheek a la Ariel, or dive into the mystifying, oft-ignored science of it like Joel Ford, the man behind Airbird. About a minute into "Trust,"-- culled from the forthcoming EP of the same name-- you realize a change of context is all it takes to make sure those Jan Hammer-esque toms don't elicit the same giddy thrill as a MIami Vice credit roll. The smoothe waves of electric piano,  sliding synth tones, and classical guitar runs, once artifacts of a dad-rock ready mentality, become a sentient Frankenstein of forgotten beauties. It's fair to assume Al Carlson, Software's secret weapon and general vibes consultant, may have played a part, but Ford's been on this tip since "Part of the Game" and since then he's only been digging deeper.

The Trust EP comes out May 29th on Software

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