AdHoc Issue 16 is Here

AdHoc Issue 16 is Here

AdHoc Issue 16 is here! Grab a PDF of the zine here, and look out for physical copies both at our shows and at record stores, bookstores, coffee shops, and community centers throughout the city. (Those of you outside New York City can order a copy here as well.)

Many Americans are glad that 2016 is almost over; some rightfully fear that 2017 will be even worse. It’s tough to know what to cling to in a world governed by xenophobic politicians and a clickbait-reliant media, and some think that making and writing about music can feel pretty frivolous at a time like this. Here at AdHoc, we believe that our first order of business is to consider the ways we can make a positive difference in our communities—not just as artists and writers and music enthusiasts, but as citizens and fellow human beings. Still, we also can’t imagine powering through these dark times without music as a source of spiritual strength, and a channel for opposition.

For this issue, we spoke to some of the people in this city who have worked long and hard to keep the city's counterculture alive—a counterculture that, for many of us, feels more urgently necessary than it did just a month ago. The founder and curator of beloved Bushwick music venue Palisades—which shuttered in October after an extended bureaucratic struggle with authorities—speak out for the first time about the venue’s closure, sharing the history of the space and lessons they’ve learned about nurturing live music in a city that seems increasingly hostile to it. We also spoke to Parquet Courts frontman and visual artist Andrew Savage about the band’s forthcoming multi-media event, Knock! Knock! Down! Down!, and the importance of using music and art to engage with the cultural and political realities of our time. Sometimes we lose the battles we fight, but these members of our community incarnate the value of staying focused, moving forward with open mind, and finding new ways to connect and create.

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AdHoc Issue 16's contributors:

Miguel Gallego is a writer, musician, and lay-about living in the big city and feebly pursuing his dreams. For this issue, he interviewed Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts.

Ariel Bitran and Leeor Waisbrod ran Palisades; in this issue, they talk about the origins and end of the venue, as told to AdHoc's Emilie Friedlander.

Preston Spurlock made the Palisades posters that appear on the cover of this issue, as well as the illustrations included to the right, on the back cover, and in our oral history of the venue.

EyeBodega designed the issue.

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