AdHoc Issue 15 is Here

AdHoc Issue 15 is Here

AdHoc Issue 15, presented by The Talkhouse, is here! Grab a PDF of the zine here, and look out for physical copies at our shows. (Those of you outside New York City can order a copy here as well.)

In the late ’90s, musicologist Christopher Small coined the term “musicking”: “music,” construed as a verb. It’s a concept that describes music, not merely in terms of sound, but as the sum of the human relationships it occasions: between players on a stage, between musicians and audience members, between the audience members themselves. Whether we’re listening to somebody pour her heart out on record or performing our own songs for a sea full of strangers, music is an inherently social activity—one that involves a sharing of expression and experience. Here at AdHoc, we “music” all the time, fostering exchange between artists, fans, and other scene players at our shows and outside of them, including with the zine you’re holding in your hands right now.

For AdHoc Issue 15, we teamed up with fellow Brooklyn-based publication The Talkhouse—a platform that shares our conviction in artist-artist and artist-fan exchange—and asked some of our favorite artists to zoom in on the aspect of music that seems to involve the most “musicking”: the live experience. Body/Head’s Bill Nace and Ben Greenberg of Uniform chat about improvisation, and legendary composer Rhys Chatham and Tredici Bacci’s Simon Hanes discuss composition—only to reveal that the one really isn’t that different from the other. The Thermals’ Hutch Harris and Springtime Carnivore mastermind Greta Morgan write about some of the joys and challenges of being on tour, while Man Man’s Honus Honus gives us some sage advice on how to enjoy your next Saturday night out without acting like an asshole. Along the way, they reveal how “musicking” with others makes for a continuing source of inspiration. Nace, who also made this issue’s cover art, puts it best: “It’s just about hitting the stage and being open to what’s happening.”

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AdHoc Issue 15 features the following contributors:

Tommy Siegel is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter-guitarist- bassist-producer in Jukebox the Ghost, Narc Twain, and Drunken Sufis. He made the cartoon that appears in this issue.

Ben Greenberg plays in the band Uniform and solo under the name Hubble, in addition to producing, engineering, and mixing records at the studio Strange Weather in Brooklyn. For this issue, he interviewed Body/Head’s Bill Nace.

Bill Nace is a guitarist, visual artist, and label owner who splits his time between Western Massachusetts and Los Angeles. He made the collage that appears on the cover of this issue.

Simon Hanes leads Tredici Bacci, a 14-piece ensemble that plays original compositions inspired by the grand tradition of Italian film music from the 60s and 70s; their new album, Amore Per Tutti, is out November 11 on NNA Tapes. For this issue, Simon interviewed minimalist composer Rhys Chatham.

Ryan Kattner, aka Honus Honus, is a musician-songwriter, film/ theater score composer, screenwriter, and mustachioed multi- hyphenate living in Los Angeles; he has fronted the bands Man Man and Mister Heavenly, and is releasing his first solo album this year. In this issue, he educates readers in proper concert etiquette.

Hutch Harris founded and is the lead singer/songwriter of Portland post-pop-punk band the Thermals. For this issue, he whipped up a list of essentials for touring bands.

Greta Morgan is a singer-songwriter who has performed with the Hush Sound, Gold Motel, and Springtime Carnival. For this issue, she wrote about how summer camp prepared her for living on the road.

Leesh Adamerovich is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who enjoys collaborating with musicians. Her work is in uenced by ’70s music, animation, and quiet moments, and she drew the portraits in this issue.

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In addition to online and at our shows, you can find physical copies of AdHoc Issue 15 at any of the following businesses around New York City:

Academy Records, Greenpoint
Artbook @ MoMA PS1, Long Island City
Cafe Grumpy, Greenpoint
Commend, Lower East Side
Coop 87, Greenpoint
LIC Corner Cafe, Long Island City
Little Skips, Bushwick
Printed Matter, Chelsea
Spoonbill & Sugartown, Williamsburg

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