Aaron Roche: "Cyclocardoray (w/ R. Stevie Moore & Dan Burns)"

On last year's Plainspeak, multi-instrumentalist Aaron Roche was a classicist chameleon, orchestrating varied forays into symphonic singer/songwriting that brought to mind everything from Jeff Buckley to the Punch Brothers' The Blind Leaving The Blind suite. The swells of the string section let you know that his ambitions as an arranger remain equally grandiose, but the bewitching melody and  casually dramatic unfolding of "Cyclocardoray"-- a collaborative ballad with R. Stevie Moore and Action! member Dan Burns-- prove to be a breakthrough in songwriting for Roche that The Church would be envious of. Big shout out to No Fear of Pop for noticing this overlooked outsider pop gem; peep the video for some charming footage of the always-lovable Moore.

The "Cyclocardoray" b/w "Synthessiah" 7" is available as a limited edition on La Station Radar. "Cyclocardoray" will also be the closing track of Roche's !BlurMyEyes full-length due to drop on July 3rd.

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