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"It's All Structure": A Conversation with Misty Conditions About Transatlantic Collaboration

Misty Conditions is the transatlantic music project of Henry Collins and Richard Wilson, both veteran producers of the record label Planet Mu (as Shitmat and Burnkane, respectively). Though Collins resides in England and Wilson in California, they crafted their first join effort, D'zzz, by sending drum ideas and loops back and forth. It's filled with grimey 808s, cross-rhythm beats, and jungle-inspired dance tracks-- and that’s just half of the material on the album, which also includes more experimental noise arrangements where Collins and Wilson's styles crash creating a peculiar sound inspired by bass music, UK dance and hip hop. Collins and Wilson are definitely doing their own thing, in a very organic and comradely way. After they prepared us a mix full of lo-fi, experimental electronica, noise inspired and dubbed techno, we called them up for a chat about making music from a 6,000-mile remove.

Ad Hoc: Where are you right now?

Henry Collins: I’m in Bristol, England.

Richard Wilson: And I'm in Los Angeles, California.

Ad Hoc: How long have you been collaborating on the Misty Conditions project?

RW: Maybe like two years.

HC: We’ll have to look in our project folders.

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it is rain in my face.: "Raise Your Hands, Raise The Dead"

it is rain in my face.:

Brooklyn- based artist Matthew Jones – a.k.a it is rain in my face. – just released the first single off his sophomore effort The Framer. “Raise Your Hands, Raise the Dead” is brought to life with coiled riffs and frenetic yet melodic chanting. The dramatic build up throughout the song transports you to a hazy consciousness while awake.

The Framer is out on November 9th via Chill Mega Chill Records. 

Mount Kimbie: "You Took Your Time (Lee Gamble Remix)"

Mount Kimbie:

Cold Spring Fault Less Youth remix EP is Mount Kimbie’s follow up to their sophomore LP of the same name. It includes reworks by favorites like Kyle Hall, DJ Koze, and Oneman. Now it's receiving a remix from British producer Lee Gamble. Gamble's reworking of “You Took Your Time” removes King Krule's contribution and deconstructs the track, starting with a noisy build-up until filtered cymbals are looped into the dubbed-techno melody. 

Listen to Gamble’s rendition of “You Took Your Time” below. CSFLY Remixes is out October 28,on a limited edition 12” and digital download via Warp Records

Fatima Al Qadiri: "Knight Fare (Post-War Dub)"

Fatima Al Qadiri:

War has been declared and beats authorized for battle, between several grime music producers for the past month. It all started when Bless Beats posted a track called “Wardub” and addressed a group of producers on Twitter. The first to respond was producer Shizznit, who was joined by Jammer, Preditah, Rude Kid, Teddy Music, Plastician, Splurt Diablo, and others in a back and forth exchange of instrumental dubs. Marking the cessation of the grime war, producer Fatima Al Qadiri released “Knight Fare”, a post-war rendition full of imperial bells, 909 toms, gun shots, breaking glass and ethereal vocals. The track is set for free download, but has since maxed out its availability on Al Qadiri’s Soundcloud. She posted on Twitter that a download link will be set up.

Listen to “Knight Fare” below. Also, Grimeforum assembled a playlist with all the dubs released. 

Pictureplane Shares Early Works Compilation

Pictureplane Shares Early Works Compilation

Travis Egedy's – a.k.a Pictureplane– newest release Rare & Bloody, is a compilation of early works recorded in his bedroom. The noise driven, glitch-pop effort combines unreleased material, and various tracks from his 2008 album Slit Red Bird Throat. Rare & Bloody has some nostalgia, composed within different dance genres and dreamy textures, from loud and raucous techno to suppressed muffled hooks, spoken word, and rapping. Egedy has refined this sound over the years while experimenting more with rave. The transition can be seen between the albums Dark Rift and Thee Physical, where he ventures into a more digital aggressive dance style in the latter with stabbing synths.  

Listen to Rare & Bloody below.

Kodiak: "Dragon Drop (Eliphino remix)"


London duo Kodiak --a.k.a. Mark John Rutherford and Jamie Kingett-- recently released their EP Dragon Drop: a 3-track effort with both Kodiak’s original and an Eliphino remix of the EP’s title track. The original version of “Dragon Drop” is a fusion of fast drum beats, pitched vocals and acid-infused basslines. Meanwhile, Eliphino takes the footwork track and puts jack-house synths over it, creating a very energetic dance floor ready tune. 

Listen to "Dragon Drop" and below. You can order it via Hot Haus Records and Unknown of the Unknown.

Listen to a New Four Tet and Burial Collaboration

Listen to a New Four Tet and Burial Collaboration

After the release of his long awaited album Beautiful Rewind, Kieren Hebden, a.k.a. Four Tet, is sharing even more material. Last night, Hebden played several exclusive tracks during his marathonic eight-hour DJ set on the UK's Rinse FM progam. The mix included an unreleased tune with longtime collaborator, Burial. Beforehand, Four Tet took to Twitter to announce his collaboration with the secretive producer, and he didn’t disappoint, kicking off his set with a UK garage-inspired gem. The pair's latest collaboration was the track “Nova,” which was released last year.

Listen to the unreleased track below. Beautiful Rewind is out and can be purchased on TEXT Records. You can also download the first two hours of the Rinse FM session here.

SETH: “Cat in Your Limo”

SETH: “Cat in Your Limo”

SETH is a collaborative project between UNO NYC affiliate and producer Gobby and singer James K. Not to be confused with the solo moniker of Excepter’s founder John Fell Ryan. The two SETHs can only be compared in their eagerness and rhythmically droning synths. But Gobby’s and James K second sample “Cat in your Limo,” from their upcoming debut release Chick on the Moon, is all about layered voices, a wobbling filtered bass that carries James K subtle and choir like vocals, that draws a line between quenched darkness and smooth eccentricity. 

You can stream “Cat in your Limo” here. Chick on the Moon is out on October 8 via UNO NYC.

Chits: "Looking So Good"


Brooklyn-based label Astro Nautico will be releasing Zach Brill’s-- a.k.a Chits-- upcoming debut EP Custom Hype. “Looking So Good” is the first sampling of the debut album from the 22 year-old Pennsylvania producer and it's filled with breezy synths, reverbed claps, and looped vocals of contrasting pitches. The beat is all about complex percussion arrangements that converge into a more experimental future garage sound. This track could easily work for the club, also you're constantly reminded that “it’s about to go down." 

Chits' Custom Hype is out October 22 in digital form, and November 26 on vinyl via Astro Nautico.

Memory Tapes Releases Two New Tracks

Memory Tapes Releases Two New Tracks

New Jersey based artist Dayve Hawke-- better known by his stage name, Memory Tapes-- released two new tracks via his Tumblr page. Hawke decided to release B-sides “In Time” and “Green Window” because he “was feeling tired of the big sell and just wanted to share some pieces with the handful of people that are interested in listening.” Each track is sculpted to fit a specific sound; “In Time” builds up from a chill beat to a synth-filled culmination with distant, confined vocals, and “Green Window” is a bright dreamscape infused with claps and a breathy, lo-fi chorus.

You can stream both of Memory Tapes tracks below.