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Gardland Announce Syndrome Syndrome

Gardland Announce Syndrome Syndrome

Home to favorites Holly Herndon, Julia Holter, and Blondes, RVNG Intl never fails to delight. Their latest effort brings forth Gardland, a Sydney duo with an abrasive, improvised approach to techno music. Having previously released an EP on Hunter Gatherer, Gardland are revealing a taste of their second, forthcoming album, with a video release: "Syndrome Syndrome". The track and video combination is eerily thrilling and biting, keeping your heart thumping though the music is decidedly percussionless.

"Syndrome Syndrome" is off Gardland's forthcoming LP of the same name, available October 29 on RVNG Intl.  

Young Braised: "Murakami" Video

Young Braised:

Coming out of Vancouver, Young Braised is nothing short of a young genius. His highly lackadaisical flow surprises with a level of intelligence and wit that's usually unexpected in cloud-rapping. His latest effort, "Murakami" is off his forthcoming LP, Japanese Tendencies, for 1080p. The video, made by his brother Strawberry Jacuzzi, is an artistic cherry-on-top for an already golden track. "Murakami" teems with layers of clever silliness, catchy hooks, sensual production, and even a Blink-182 reference. 

Japanese Tendencies is out September 3. Watch the video for "Murakami" below.

The Meets: "Even When The Time Comes"

The Meets:

Co-founder of the Johnstown, PA art-hub, My Idea of Fun, Brandon Locher has accumulated an impressive body of work over the past few years, under a disparate selection of monikers. Perhaps his most continous stream of creation is under the title, The Meets. Though ultimately spearheaded and directed by Locher, The Meets encompasses over 20 musicians, sampling both electronic and acoustic instrumentation. The result, heard prominently in their latest single "Even When The Time Comes", is a delicately tangled sound-collage, with spooky, jazz-infused melodies, and amelodical phrases lifting the music out of ordinary constraints.

"Even When The Time Comes" is off the forthcoming LP It Happens Outside, available physically and digitally October 1. Pre-order the vinyl here

Kal The God: "Kal The God (Prod. Big General)"

Kal The God:

The young Chicago-via-NJ rapper, Kal The God, has been on the come-up since 2012. Formerly known as Sidewalk Kal, The God has put out tracks with a plethora of ill producers, including Mattron, Acemo,  Jay Curry,  Color Plus, and more. His latest joint, self-titled "Kal The God", does way more than declare his recent moniker change. The near 5-minute track is a powerfully dope, filled with heavily impressive lyrics, luxurious flow, and inventive ad lib work. The beat, produced by Canada's Big General, is patiently smooth, allowing Kal's verbs to float around wherever they please. 

Ahnnu: "Pe5"


LA's Leland Jackson, the experimental genius behind Ahnnu, has continually delighted with his left-field, abstract beat production. His bodacious footwork wizardry, under the moniker Cakedog, adds to his already impressive catalog. In his usual, no-explanations manner, Ahnnu has just popped out another quick burner on Soundcloud. The track, "Pe5", is delicately brilliant, with intriguing rhythms fluttering next to tentatively extra-terrestrial chords. The subltly and discretion in this track is remarkable, a hallmark trait of Jackson's music. Though "Pe5" is not attached to any upcoming release information, plans have been revealed for a forthcoming tape with Leaving Records, world music, as well as a cassette with NNA, Battered Sphinx.

Lil Ugly Mane: Three Sided Tape Volume Two

Lil Ugly Mane: Three Sided Tape Volume Two

Just four days after the release of Volume One, the ever-prolific Lil Ugly Mane drops a second addition to his Three Sided Tape series. Though this one isn't accompained by any lighthearted Facebook posting, it showcases Lil Ugly Mane's unceasing prowess as a producer and MC. In Volume Two, hIs confidence in digging through and releasing his 2008-11 archives is fully supported by the material: a whopping 29 tracks of unreleased Ugly Mane joints, instrumentals, retro-horror soundtracks, and more-- all with a consistently huge impact. His ingenuity as an artist is humbly progressive, reinforcing his clever stature while maintaining an intriguing elusiveness. Though it's arguably hopeless to predict Ugly Mane's steps, his proposed "swan song", or "last transmission" is supposedly to come soon. Till then, rejoice in his Three Sided Tapes.  

Three Sided Tape: Volume Two is available for download here.  

Cock & Swan: "Animal Totem"

Cock & Swan:

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Cock & Swan foster an incredibly warm and welcoming sound. The duo, comprised of Ola Hungerford and Johnny Goss, have been making music together for around 10 years, releasing 3 albums on their co-founded musical collective/label/band, Dandelion Gold. Their most recent effort, "Animal Totem", is the ebullient single off their forthcoming album Secret Angles, to be released via Seattle's Hush Hush Records. The patient, dreamy track swirls with an emergent lucidity, while maintaining a certain reservedness in its progression: a contemplatively intimate aesthetic hallmark of Hush Hush's releases

Secret Angles is out digitally September 10, and will be accompanied by a Kickstarter campaign for the album's prospective vinyl release.

Black Orange Juice: "Alone"

Black Orange Juice:

Acclaimed Hyperdub resident, Ossie has announced the release of a forthcoming EP under a new moniker, Black Orange Juice. Along with the news is the revealing of the buttery single, "Alone." Joined by vocalists Paul Black and Tilz, Black Orange Juice constructs a deep, oozingly soulful atmosphere, with strong house roots informed by the abilities he refined as Ossie. Stream the pulsing, emotive track below.

The EP, 3 Started Alone, will be released September 23 on True Panther.

Panabrite: "Abyssal II"


As Panabrite, Seattle's Norm Chambers, produces spacey, meditative tunes, citing retro "library music" as a prominent inspiration. It's no wonder, then, that his music feels straight out of an old-school science documentary, though arguably more inspired and deliberate. His latest tune, "Abyssal II", is a luminous example of this; a comfortable, airey ride through extra-terrestrial realms, guided by steady, unintimidating rhythms and sensational, floating synths. It's subtlty is hypnotic, encouraging a blissful equanimity that forgoes any measure of time, and might even make you question reality. Cortex Meridian is a part of Constellation Tatsu's 2nd batch of summer tapes, which also features artists like Bataille Solaire and Grapefruit. 

"Abyssal II" is off Panabrite's latest release, Cortex Meridian, available on cassette and digital download via Constellation Tatsu

Eric Copeland: Joke In The Hole

Eric Copeland: Joke In The Hole

One third of beloved experimental group, Black Dice, Eric Copeland has already built an impressive solo portfolio. And his anticipated new solo release for DFA is now available for stream. Titled Joke In The Hole, the 11-track album is unsurprisingly superb and incessantly engrossing. Headed by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, DFA was home to Black Dice during much of their incredible '00s run. It's only natural then that Eric Copeland's solo work be given that similar DFA treatment. 

You can stream Joke In The Hole in full, below. Catch Eric playing an album-release show, at 285 Kent on August 23. Also, DFA just reissued Black Dice's epochal Beaches and Canyons. That's out now.