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Jai Paul's New Album Actually A Leak

Jai Paul's New Album Actually A Leak

This past weekend was laden with buzz circulating around R&B newcomer Jai Paul’s debut album, which was reportedly released for purchase via Bandcamp on Saturday. This news came as a shock to many, particularly because Paul’s label, XL Recordings, seemed to be entirely uninvolved in the album's release. Well as it turns out, this release was in fact an illegal leak, as Paul wrote on his Twitter, “ Demos on Bandcamp were not uploaded by me, this is not my debut album. Please don’t buy.” The reputably fake album has since been removed from the Bandcamp, and representatives from XL have yet to respond to requests for clarification. 

Black Pus: "Hear No Evil" Video

Black Pus:

Black Pus-- the solo-project of Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale-- released All My Relations last month via Thrill Jockey. Now a new video, directed by Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala, has been released for “Hear No Evil,” a cut from Relations. Suitably, the video is crammed with psychedelic color saturation, stop motion animation sequences, and mirrored imaging. Chippendale is currently touring the U.S and will be dropping in on NYC on June 2 for a show at Death By Audio. 

Medicine: "Long As The Sun"


2013 will forever be remembered as the year of shoe-gaze rivals. More than a decade and a half after their disbandment, the original members of Medicine are back together with a new LP to be released August 6 via Captured Tracks-- the same outfit who, as part of their Shoegaze Archive series, reissued the band’s 1992 LP Shot Forth Self Living and 1993’s The Buried Life respectively. “Long As The Sun” is the first official single from To The Happy Fever and, like their Irish contemporaries, has the band picking up right where they left off.  Ethereal vocals meshed with psyched-out guitar work lead the track through a strident yet dulcet time warp, bridging a gap that helps us forget that the last eighteen years ever even happened.

To The Happy Fever is out August 6 via Captured Tracks. 

Un Blonde: "Spine"

Un Blonde:

Not much can be said about Un Blonde. We know they are from Canada and have a propensity for melancholic, yet elegant string composition shrouded in murky lo-fi production that plays like a soundtrack to the eulogy of their late enigmatic peers of the same nationality. “Spine” is a track from their self-titled EP, and shares a lot of the components that made Women such an endearing listen: haunting choral melodies, tenebrous ambiance, and driving rhythms that still manage to maintain a level of passivity. It’s optimistic without being urgent-- as though we’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel, but are in no particular hurry to get there.

Their E.P is available for free on their Bandcamp.

Aaron Dilloway, Cut Hands, Skullflower and More To Pay Tribute To Luigi Russolo

Aaron Dilloway, Cut Hands, Skullflower and More To Pay Tribute To Luigi Russolo

In 1913, Italian Futurist composer, Luigi Russolo, published his pivotal manifesto “The Art of Noise,” in which he called for a break from the “restrictive circle of pure sounds and conquer the infinite variety of noise-sounds.” On Sunday, March 24 the Instituto Svizzero in Rome is hosting a series of performances to solemnize the 100th anniversary of the pamphlet’s publication. The event, Tam Tuumb!-- a reference to the famous poem by Filippo Marinetti-- will include performances by Aaron Dilloway, Andy Guhl, Antoine Chessex, Cut Hands, Skullflower, as well as others.  “The Art of Noise” famously classified “noise-sound” into a spectrum of families. The event will attach each of these families with an artist; Aaron Dilloway, for example, takes whistles, snores, and snorts.

Tam Tuumb is part of a bigger five part series of events titled Syncope, which will run until June. Watch a video of Aaron Dilloway and Genesis P-Orridge performing at Wierd Night last month below:

Outer Space: "Scanlon II"

Outer Space:

Though it’s only been a few months since Emerald’s disbandment back in January, we know that Mark McGuire, their former guitar-mincing virtuoso, has kept busy. Now, another 3rd of the late ambient-tripod has come forth with, well, not exactly new material. “Scanlon II” is an outtake from John Elliot’s 2010 Outer Space LP, a product of his side project of the same name.The track begins with unescorted gooey synthesizers that repetitiously bubble and oscillate, that is, until the 3:30 mark, when Andrew Verses' cannon-ball drumming beats you out of the space-aged k-hole that Elliot has tactically lured you into.

Dope Body: "Leather Head"

Dope Body:

Dope Body, Baltimore’s noise-rock line-drivers, are releasing a new 7", Saturday, this month via Drag City, their first shred of material since last year’s Natural History LP. “Leather Head,” a steel bending cut from the former, is another tip-of-the-hat to the Tom Morello-style string work that the band has unabashedly drawn influence from. “Leather Head” is led firmly by a gut-wrenching bass line that sets off during the chorus like an industrial pressure-cooker with the dial torn-off. Watch the video for “Leather Head” below, and be thankful that people are still making music to grind teeth to.

Their Saturday 7" is out March 19th via Drag City.

Dope Body "Leather Head" from Drag City on Vimeo.

Tweens: "Be Mean"


Tweens are a trash-pop power trio hailing from Cincinnati, OH. Back in January they self-released a demo for their song “Be Mean." If you’re prone to seasonal depression, it’s the tangy noise-pop sugar rush you’ve been looking for to propel you straight into spring. “Be Mean” reinforces the trope that nice guys finish last (and in this case, aren't able to get past second base), and is lyrically reminiscent of a similar Doo-wop plead. Tweens are currently on tour and have two NYC dates, including a show with Nude Beach tonight at Union Pool, so free-base your favorite flavor of pixie stix and try not to get a cavity.

D. Vassaloti: "Swallow My Pride"

D. Vassaloti:

David Vassaloti has remained a busy and stalwart member of the Tampa punk scene for the past decade.  Most recently he’s garnered attention as part of the driving force behind post-punk darlings Merchandise, however he’s also been churning out crooning solo material at an impressive rate. For those of you unfamiliar, Vassaloti released the amorously haunting Book of Ghosts in 2011 via Vinyl Rites as well as a 12” from Katorga Works under the () moniker. Now Vassaloti has presented us with “Swallow my Pride”, a disarming cover of a Ramones song and the first track available from his 2013 cassette release, Live in Affinity. This six-minute sprawl is a striking example of Vassaloti’s knack for delicate and refined string arrangement and proves that, despite his more abrasive catalogue history, he’s capable of pulling heartstrings as hard as any Yo La Tengo song. 

Merchandise are currently on tour and will be releasing their Total Nite E.P next month via Night People.

Prostitutes: "Dial Tone Degradation"


Prostitues, the marauding technoise alias of producer Jim Donadio, released Psychedelic Black last August via Stabudown. Now Crushed Interiors, Donadio’s follow-up effort, is being released this month through Digitalis. “Dial Tone Degradation,” a cut from the latter, is a hold-no-punches rhythmic walloping. From start to finish, Donadio beats out mechanic pulses with locomotive endurance-- demanding that the conga line be lead out of the club and into the industrial park.

Crushed Interiors is available via Digitalis