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Soul Outfit Space Captain Premiere New Single, "Blue"

Soul Outfit Space Captain Premiere New Single,

Brooklyn vocalist Maralisa Simmons-Cook bears the depths of her soul on “Blue,” the newest single by experimental R&B group Space Captain. Maralisa’s hooks hit like a knife to the heart and boast a dynamic range of style and sensibility— from Bjorkian bellows to greasy Winehouse croons. “I’ve discovered a feeling of numbness after experiencing so many disruptive things that I no longer feel shocked or bothered by emotional trauma anymore,” she wrote in a statement about the song, “It’s a wall I’ve put up.” Despite the negative elements that inspired “Blue,” Space Captain find resolution among kaleidoscopic grooves and sleek, serpentine melodies that suggest the dawn of something better and brighter.          
Space Captain’s full-length debut, All Flowers In Time,  is out next month on UK soul imprint Tru Thoughts. Listen to “Blue” below. 
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Cones Premiere People-Pleaser "Whatever You're Into"

Cones Premiere People-Pleaser

Brothers Jonathan and Michael Rosen are Cones, a Los Angeles-based guitar pop outfit on the rise. Having spent the last couple of years woodshedding as Eleanor Friedberg's band, Cones' "Whatever You're Into" is the second of two singles being released via Canvasclub, Canvasback Music's monthly singles series. AdHoc is stoked to premiere the track, a groovily sauntering psychedelic dance jam — what Cones' Jonathan Rosen says is about "being a people-pleaser" and "a vehicle for somebody else's desires." Rosen also describes the track as "being at the wheel late at night, driving somebody wherever they wish to go" and reconciling your own desires with those of your companion. We're thrilled to have Cones headline Berlin on Saturday 9/9 with Cassandra Jenkins and Dark Tea.