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Summer Drifts By In the Video for Fraternal Twin's "Big Dipper"

Summer Drifts By In the Video for Fraternal Twin's Photography by Matthew James-Wilson

Though it was released in October of 2016, Fraternal Twin’s Homeworlding is a record for Summer 2017. The contented feeling of the album’s breezy guitar lines and sweet vocals is contrasted by the overarching sense of yearning—for truth? for acceptance? for peace?—conveyed by the lyrics and chopped-up compositions. “The day won’t come / until I’m ready for it / so I don’t beg,” sings Tom Christie on “Big Dipper." We live in a world of unresolved conflict, but as Christie ultimately concedes, we have the ability to make it happen—this is, when we’re ready.

In the “Big Dipper” video, premiering on AdHoc today, Christie strums, sings, and stares in a nondescript wooded area. Directed and edited by Jake Lazovick, the clip captures the record’s conflicted feeling with emotive shots and deft editing. At the song’s apex, the video juxtaposes a leaf floating downstream with a tight shot of Christie’s deadpan face beneath the sky, reinforcing the anxious contentedness of a life adrift.

Fraternal Twin plays Silent Barn on Tuesday July 11 with Stolen Jars, Thelma and Poppies.

Aldous Harding Undresses Her Mystery

Aldous Harding Undresses Her Mystery

There's a live video of Aldous Harding performing single "Horizon" at Auckland, NZ's Whammy Bar rock club in 2016. She fidgets and sways on the foreground, pulling at her lip and nursing a menacing stare, delivering lines like "I broke my neck dancing to the edge of the world" with blood-curdling articulation. The performance is downright terrifying in a sort of Lynchian way, the emotion palpable without any context. "That was the gnarliest version," she recounts of the performance. "I'd drunk five cans of Red Bull." 

Party, Aldous Harding's 4AD debut, is a meditation of sorts: on love, loss, pain and recreation. The narrative follows a progression that feels kind of akin to molting, with her and the listener emerging after the closing track, "Swell Does The Skull," with new skin—raw and pink with change. Following many festival appearances and a national tour with Deerhunter, American audiences are just getting hip to the New Zealand songwriter—just in time for her to be working on new music, which she says she's been playing at shows lately.

We caught up with Harding—first name Hannah—before her Northside dates while she lounged in her Barcelona hotel room during Primavera Sound. Read our interview below, and catch Aldous Harding at the AdHoc x Brookyln Vegan showcase on June 8 at The Park Church Co-Op.

AdHoc: Your stage presence is intense. I don't have a better way of putting it, really.

Alduous Harding: Yeah, intense works, I'd say.

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