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Egyptrixx’s World is Submerged and Saturated with Industrial Waste

Egyptrixx’s World is Submerged and Saturated with Industrial Waste

As Egyptrixx, Toronto producer David Psutka trawls the depths of sonic possibility. His latest album, Pure, Beyond Reproach, is a stark work contrasting serene, natural cinematics with a mangled, post-industrial grit. It clanks and sputters, but is firmly grounded in a world that humans and machines have saturated with waste. A longtime affiliate of the pioneering post-club label Night Slugs, Egyptrixx has evolved his sound far past the dancefloor, onto another planet entirely. In 2015, he founded his own label, Halocline Trance, as an outlet for mostly beatless productions that didn’t quite fit in with the woozy, DJ-ready template of Night Slugs. Just last year, Psutka unveiled a new project as Ceramic TL, where he painted paranoid and scathing noise-scapes that pointed to his fascination with ecological destruction. One of his tracks “Life on Earth,” is a scathing assault of noise which doesn’t allow room for any life whatsoever. We caught up with Egyptrixx to get a break down of his influences, and what to look forward to in his show in New York.


Pure, Beyond Reproach is out now via Halocline Trance.

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Sorority Noise and The World Is A Beautiful Place Team Up for Split 7"

Sorority Noise and The World Is A Beautiful Place Team Up for Split 7 photo: Andy Deluca

Connecticut punk and emo outfit Sorority Noise have announced a new split 7” record with The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. Each band contributed a single track to the release, with Sorority Noise’s stumbling anthem “Leaf Ellis” on the A-side. Frontman Cameron Boucher sounds as detached as ever as he mumble-sings through the first half of the track over a lone acoustic guitar and spare keyboard playing: “Another night spent with my thoughts / Praying for someone to absolve me of all that I want.” In the second half, the energy picks up, as Boucher’s voice is finally joined by the chorus of his band, and a drumroll emerges before a wall of thrashing guitar nearly obliterates the vocals. In the end, the music subsides, and Boucher find himself “alone with his thoughts” again.

Leaf Ellis / Smoke & Felt is out now on Triple Crown Records. Catch Sorority Noise along with Free Throw and Ratboys on November 3 at Shea Stadium

Sad13 Prioritizes Self-Preservation on “Devil In U”

Sad13 Prioritizes Self-Preservation on “Devil In U” photo: Shervin Lainez

Next month, Speedy Ortiz front-woman Sadie Dupuis will release a solo album as Sad13, called Slugger. Sad13 already shared the first two singles from Slugger: the consent-is-sexy “Get A Yes,” and the grungy “Less Than 2.” Now she’s shared “Devil In U,” a song which, the singer says, is “about constraining your life to avoid conflict in the face of emotional abuse.” Fuzzy synth chords and wandering guitar melodies bounce as Dupuis sings: “That’s what an angel would do / Who’s stuck with the devil in you.” Slugger picks up where Speedy’s last album, Foil Deer left off, but now, the front-woman’s lyrics look even farther inward. Slugger is an intimate take on self-protection and empowerment, where songs function as confessionals and showcases the singer at her most personal. 

Slugger is out November 11 on Carpark Records. Catch Sad13 perform in New York on October 28 at Alphaville, and again on December 13 at Baby’s All Right

Lorenzo Senni Signs to Warp and Shares Hyperreal "Win In The Flat World"

Lorenzo Senni Signs to Warp and Shares Hyperreal

Italian synth wizard Lorenzo Senni just signed to Warp Records for his next EP, called Persona. It’s Senni’s most high-profile release yet, coming after a handful of colorful and visceral LPs released on forward-thinking electronic labels like Editions Mego and Boomkat. Quantum Jelly released in 2012, and was recorded as one-takes using a Roland JP8000 synthesizer as his only instrument. In 2014, Senni released the exceptional Superimpositions, taking his abstract arrangements and hard-edge synth patches to an alien level. Today Senni shared the first track from his forthcoming EP, “Win In The Flat World,” which showcases the artist taking a more maximalist approach to his sound, something like an Aphex Twin/PC Music mash-up, and reminiscent of Oneohtrix Point Never’s recent LP, Garden of Delete. The EP’s artwork comes from the avant-garde video artist Ed Atkins.

Lorenzo Senni will play at The Umbrella Factory on October 27. Persona is out November 11 on Warp Records.

Xylouris White Reimagine the Ancient Rhythms of Crete

Xylouris White Reimagine the Ancient Rhythms of Crete

In a recent interview, Xylouris White divulged their musical quest is in search of “this one rhythm,” an ancient dance native to the Greek island of Crete, where lute player George Xylouris claims his heritage. Along with drummer Jim White (of The Dirty Three), the duo bring a decidedly post-punk edge to traditional melodies, with lyrics borrowed and inspired by Cretan poetry dating back to the 14th century. On their sophomore album, Black Peak, Xylouris White eschew tradition as much as they hold fast to it. On title track “Black Peak”, the lute dances energetically above White's spare rhythms, and Xylouris’ elegiac singing recalls middle-eastern melodies among washes of reverb and tamed feedback. Had John Fahey traded his steel-string for a lute and had Swans’ Michael Gira as his producer, Xylouris White would have a close musical peer. But no such project exists, and the duo stand in a class of their own.

Catch Xylouris White perform at National Sawdust in Brooklyn on Novemeber 18. Black Peak is out now on Bella Union.

Tredici Bacci Channel the Neo-Noir on Debut Amore Per Tutti

Tredici Bacci Channel the Neo-Noir on Debut Amore Per Tutti

David Lynch once said of the song “Blue Velvet”, “there was something mysterious about it. It made me think about things. And the first things I thought about were lawns—lawns and the neighborhood.” It’s the same sort of mystery that intrigues guitarist Simon Hanes and his cinematic project Tredici Bacci. Hanes has long been obsessed with film soundtracks coming out of 1960s/70s Europe, and it shows -- the music is noir, mysterious, otherworldly, and deeply nostalgic. While one could safely assume that Tredici Bacci’s debut LP, Amore Per Tutti, was written and released in Western Europe forty years ago, it’s the synthesis of musical styles across time and geography that brings the music to life. On “Drowned (featuring Jennifer Charles)”, the Elysian Fields vocalist’s foreboding performance is met with Spaghetti-western whistles, a muted trumpet, and even an accordion line. It’s a chanteuse and guitarist in a dim club, perhaps a spotlight paints their shadows softly swaying on the stage, crooning for lost love and a broken heart.

Amore Per Tutti is out November 11 on NNA Tapes. Catch Tredici Bacci at their record release show on November 12 along with Rhys Chatham & Oneida.