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Foodman Preps New LP for Orange Milk

Foodman Preps New LP for Orange Milk

EZ Minzoku, the latest LP from Foodman (a.k.a. Shokuhin Maturi), is a diverse and courageous record that expands upon the artist's unique approach to juke with minimalism, retro midi-sounds, and a bevy of unrecognizable, uncategorizable samples. “Waterfall,” a standout on the album, is held up by a single piano note, which pulses throughout the song. Building on this persistent note using a wide range of percussive samples and the occasional hit of a brooding synth chord, Maturi wonderfully warps any established thoughts of what juke and footwork are “supposed” to sound like. The response is a feeling of anticipation that comes not from restlessness, but from excitement of where these songs will lead us next.

EZ Minzoku is out May 13 on Orange Milk Records.

Lesley Flanigan's Vocals Soar on "Can Barely Feel My Feet"

Lesley Flanigan's Vocals Soar on

With the unhinged ability to perfect and manipulate a sound digitally comes the threat of sounding over-produced, sterile, emotionless. Lesley Flanigan, an experimental electronic musician based in New York City, deftly combats these threats. Utilizing physical and naturally-occurring elements such as feedback, her own voice, and the sounds of a variety of homemade speakers and instruments, Flanigan presents contemporary music that serves as a reminder of how the process of creating music is just as important as the finished product. Flanigan notably optimizes the versatility and beauty of her voice in the track “Can Barely Feel my Feet,” from her upcoming Hedera. In this resonating piece, Flanigan’s voice is the primary medium—looped and manipulated to create a soundscape that is both warm and haunting. 

Hedera is out April 8 on Physical Editions. You can pre-order it here or here. Flanigan plays a release show April 1st at National Sawdust, Brooklyn, with C Spencer Yeh, Maria Chavez, Nick Hallet, and Daisy Press.