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FOODMAN Shares "Ikidomari" from His New Patient Sounds Tape


Shokuhin Maturi, a.k.a. FOODMAN's latest release, Hot Rice on Patient Sounds, is an explosively complex collection of densely populated rhythms. The Japanese footwork producer builds fragmentary layers that merge together, hovering as particles in the atmosphere. The pieces bounce against you, ricocheting toward different directions. "Ikidomari" has an ever evolving structure that explores gradual shifts in the spatial listening. Percussive timbres are projected in a billowing diffusion, moving as quickly as light, casting shadows that obscure any perception of cohesion. A tangible flow weaves its own trajectory, carving new grooves by breaking down and re-arranging its own construction.

Hot Rice is out now on Patient Sounds.

Cienfuegos Deliver Another Slab of Visceral Techno for Berlin Label Unknown Precept

Cienfuegos Deliver Another Slab of Visceral Techno for Berlin Label Unknown Precept

Over the last year, the Berlin label Unknown Precept has been responsible for releasing a vibrant collection of compelling electronic music and are showing no signs of stopping. Their next release comes from Cienfuegos, the project of New York's Alexander Suárez, whose previous release on Primitive Languages was a cerebral seance of divine intervention. Crafting a delicately intricate framework of samples and percussion, Cienfuegos' A Los Mártires creates a warped skeleton of manipulated techno. The title track, "A Los Mártires" is a searing cauldron of palpitating reverberations. Imbued in murky layers, glistening frequencies pull in and out of the powerfully dense cloud that is continually being dissected by Suárez. In Chelsea Marks's video for "A Los Mártires," patterns of light bleed in and out of darkness, the shape-shfting movements mirroring the track beautifully. Images of people milking a snake of its venom causes a visceral unease, the music seems to cause a sensation of floating as if something is holding onto you pulling you upward. Spatially complex and figuratively alluring, A Los Mártires" delves into a deep crevice of metaphysical contemplation that can not be explained in words, that is transmitted through feeling.

A Los Mártires is out October 28 on Unknown Precept.

Cryptic Carousel prepares Semiotic Recipes VHS compilation, shares video for German Army's "Major Outlet"

Cryptic Carousel prepares Semiotic Recipes VHS compilation, shares video for German Army's

Corey Bauer's duplication and distribution company, Cryptic Carousel is releasing Semiotic Recipes, the first in a series of VHS compilations. The series features a wide spectrum of boldly skewered perspectives on video art and music videos. From colorfully abstract videos with deeply resonant frequencies to fragmented repetitions of cut up infomercials, Semiotic Recipes is full of vivid video dreamscapes. Rob Feulner's video for German Army's song, "Major Outlet," traverses into the haunting territories of nightmares. Feulner borrows scenes from horror movies mixed with a bleeding static that creeps along, mirroring German Army's drifting vocals and pulsating rhythms. Faded scenes are injected with visual distortion as the VCR's tracking settings become disengaged.

Semiotic Recipes will be screening in full at Spectacle in Brooklyn on October 8. You can order the compilation on VHS here.

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Philadelphia's Unguent Shares "Aelf Lettuce"

Philadelphia's Unguent Shares

Philadelphia sonic mangler Unguent conjures up some deeply transfixing decompositions on their latest release, Otiose Pos, on Japan's birdFriend label. Otiose Pos is a lavish landscape of frenetic frequencies, a testament to Unguents agility with a modular synthesizer. The track "Aelf Lettuce" is full of sprawling sine waves that coalesce into a textural melting pot. A panning patchwork of oscillations collide together, and slowly modulates as a thick slime slowly drips down your throat and into your membranes. Unguent's deranged tones breathe their own form of oxygen, forming their own life cycle apart from anything on this planet. 

Otiose Pos is out now on birdFriend.




Smokey Emery Delivers "The Sun is Gone but I Have a Light"

Smokey Emery Delivers

Austin's Daniel Hipolito unveils a chilling excerpt from his newest effort under the moniker Smokey Emery. A hissing cauldron of tape loop tapestries, A Clear Dark, released on Greh Holger's long running Chondritic Sound label, is a grim eruption of sonic entrancement. "The Sun is Gone but I Have a Light" crawls slowly, as though passing beneath a rising fog. Its rupturing rhythms forge through a smoldering heat, blankets of soot fall to the floor. This track signals a slight shift from the rapturous droning ambience associated with Smokey Emery, projecting itself through driving force. We are still met with the overwhelming swell of synthesizers; their whirling fuzz reminiscent of a beehive, awaiting a chance to pollinate a field of wildflowers. 

A Clear Dark is out now on Chondritic Sound


Davey Harms Gives Us His Latest, "Quiet Smith"

Davey Harms Gives Us His Latest,

Providence's long-running, noise-induced techno producer Mincemeat or Tenspeed has dissolved into the new project under the name Davey Harms. This Loop is Gonna be the Death of Me is a throbbing face melter full of earth shattering rhythms that will render you helplessly shaking on the floor. "Quiet Smith" is a melting pot of heavily distorted loops, crafted from feedback fed through multiple pedals, becomes chopped, and skewered into skillfully rendered, heart throbbing compositions. It feels as though the inner circuitry of Davey Harms' gear is being pushed to its physical limits, emanating billows of radioactive smoke. Intricately layered patterns are formed from dense layers of feedback. There is a rawness on this album that comes from a great degree of knowledge and control over these sound forms and effect chains. This Loop is Gonna be the Death of Me is a voyage into a euphorically gyrating machine that is spewing battery acid.

This Loop is Gonna be the Death of Me is out now digitally via Davey Harms' bandcamp.

James Place: "Amia"

James Place:

Brooding ethereal drones wash into a bath of viscous textures on James Place's upcoming release for Mexico City-based label Umor Rex. Interpretations of Superstition is a live reworking of songs from his debut album Living on Superstition. The collection opens with "Amia", a transfixing reconfiguration of "Another Mourning in America". It slowly drifts into a flowing sonic séance that creates an experience that is both physical and intangible. Interpretations of Superstition is one of four new releases coming out on Umor Rex including albums by; Gultskra Artikler, Rémy Charrier, and Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro).

Interpretations of Superstitions is out September 1 on Umor Rex.

Spain's Boliden offers dreamy "Los Altos"

Spain's Boliden offers dreamy

Heavily resonant vibrations pour out of Meta, Boliden's debut release on Chemical Tapes. Thick infectious melodies pull deep at your emotions, yet an uncontrollable feeling of joy flows through your body. Meta is a slow moving percolation of cerebral rhythms perfect for exploring the inner depths of your mind, as well as a making you move on the dance floor. Boliden creates a uniquely uncanny atmosphere that positions itself within a space between material reality and a spacious surreal dreamscape. "Los Altos" is a refreshing bask in warm glowing ecstasy. This feel-good track is as groovy as it is psychedelic. Cascading vocals loop an undecipherable phrase that creates a delicate tension without a frame of reference. Churning sound waves splash around as if they were slowly taking breaths between the drum beats. A golden refrain communicates a magnetic entrancement that draws you in but keeps you floating.

Meta is out now on Chemical Tapes.

Earthly shares a colorful clip for "Ice Cream"

Earthly shares a colorful clip for

When we last heard from Earthly, they were just beginning to let the sounds of their debut album off of Noumenal Loom, Days, trickle into our ears. Teaming up with animator Andrew Coleman, Earthly transports us to a cartoon wonderland full of trampolines and ice cream trucks. The sky is raining rainbow colored confetti, while characters that resemble Kirby, reimagined as a dog, bounce to the sublimely catchy rhythms. An alien gives a human an ice cream cone, and then things get pretty psychedellic. Caught in a time warp, beams of light become heavier, the loops begin to sputter out of control, and you start to question if there was any special ingredients in the recipe. This playful melding of wacky feel-good grooves and mind altering animation is sure to satisfy the strongest sweet tooth. 

Days is out July 24 on Noumenal Loom

Sculpture: Four Way Split #1

Sculpture: Four Way Split #1

Danish label Phinery is no stranger to otherworldly electronic music. Their newest release Four Way Split #1 features Sculpture, Karl Fousek, D Hansen, and GLIA. This release marks the first new music from Sculpture since their LP Membrane Pop on Software. "State Translation" and "Fashion Talk" are embedded with frayed, fractured vocal samples that comb over effervescent synth textures. Sculpture creates a sonic tapestry of transient percussive jitters that rattle to the deep reaches of the cortex. While there is an abundance of scattered bits of chewed up frequencies akin to previous Sculpture releases, there is a certain somber cloud of ambiance that permeates its way into this record, most notably on the track "En-Orb," an odyssey into a dream-like atmosphere. Sculpture's spastic rhythms are submerged beneath a thick gelatinous stew of synthesizers, sizzling in a cauldron amongst the vapors of a freak chemical reaction. 

Four Way Split #1 is out July 20 on Phinery.