Daniel Wyche: "The Burning of the Khandava Forest" Video

Daniel Wyche:

Two weeks ago, Pretty All Right Records hosted a screening of two videos created for Daniel Wyche’s CS, The Fire in the Lacquer House. We gave an advance screening (of sorts) for the A-Side’s video, and now we’d like to share the B-side’s. The track, “The Burning of the Khandava Forest,” builds to a more high-pressure meltdown than the cool, liquified singe of the title track. The video, made by Mark Fragassi (drummer for Toupee and their side project Columba Fasciata), twists up visions of forestry that straddle the line between idyllic and nightmarish. You can stream the video below.

The CS edition of The Fire in the Lacquer House is sold out, but you can grab it digitally here.

Mincemeat or Tenspeed: "Big Daddy Sunshine"

Mincemeat or Tenspeed:

Mincemeat or Tenspeed-- aka Providence, RI-based noise sculptor David Harms-- used to construct his unique brand of experimental dance music solely through the use of feedback and effects pedals. Now, however, Harms has begun to incorporate synthesizers and samplers into his compositions, and will soon release a new full-length, Waiting for Surfin' Bird, that demonstrates this progression in his aesthetic approach. Below, you can stream album cut "Big Daddy Sunshine," a monstrous track that pairs dense, increasingly dissonant synthesizer bursts with a propulsive rhythm to a simultaneously destructive and danceable end.

Waiting for Surfin' Bird is out May 6 on Decoherence Records. Starting today, Mincemeat or Tenspeed will also embark on a tour. Check out the full dates after the jump.

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Tredici Bacci: "Carina Botto"

Tredici Bacci:

The side project of Guerilla Toss bassman Simon "Luxardo" Hanes, Tredici Bacci is a 14-peice orchestra of young Bostonians. Drawing from the tropes of movie scores of the 1960's and '70's, as well as the orchestral tendencies of Henry Cow, Tredici Bacci occupy a compelling space between infectious groove and Hollywood kistch. "Carina Botta," the opening track from their upcoming debut release, The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta, cycles through numerous melodic ideas and moods. Different instruments substitute each other—guitars and accordions give way to choirs and trumpets—while remaining grounded by a tight rhythm section.

The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta is due out April 22 on NNA Tapes.

Katrina Stonehart: "Side B (excerpt)" Video

Katrina Stonehart:

Late in 2012, Drew M. Gibson released his fourth solo tape as Katrina Stonehart for Chicago’s Lillerne Tapes. The self-titled cassette was a particularly memorable effort when compared to Stonehart’s other releases. Especially considering Gibson’s tools of choice (heavily affected guitar drones, stretched-out echoes of vocal mantra, compositional tools that often blur and mutate out of focus), it was his most direct record yet. Though still a profoundly lonely, emotionally extreme record, it found a way to connect through a structured use of strange sounds. Oddly enough, it was around the same time that his old band Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk were finding a similar balance between pop appreciation and their expertise in experimental improvisation for their at-the-time forthcoming LP Think Tone. Since selling out it’s modest edition, it’s developed a cult status and even earned it’s affectionate alias “the Gumby tape,” in reference to the patterned plastic Gumbies (and plastic Pokies) that cover the tape’s insert. This week, Lillerne has reissued the cassette edition.

Though the track list is only made up of “Side A” and “Side B,” there’s a definitive untitled song that opens the B-side. The overwhelming deep wobble of the sliced-and-shook-up organ loop gives the feeling of being caught unbalanced in a wind tunnel, or careening through fog in an old car with one broken window. Staggered layers of Gibson’s smeared vocals and gentle acoustic strums fade in patiently as though you’re willingly going limp during crisis. You can stream a music video for the B-side excerpt below. The video was shot by Kyle Drouin (Spooky Moon, ADT, also made this cool video for Daniel Wyche) and edited by Davitt Terrell.

Katrina Stonehart’s S/T is available now through Lillerne Tapes. You can stream the whole CS and grab the digital edition via Bandcamp.

Stream the Debut LP from Eaters

Stream the Debut LP from Eaters

Eaters is a new Brooklyn duo comprised of Jonathan Schenke-- a sound engineer who's worked with several BK groups including Parquet Courts and Frankie Rose-- and the musicician Bob Jones. Together, they make music that isn't so easily categorized, combining strains of synth-pop, funk bass-lines, dance beats, and textured loops. The vocals and instrumentation in their recordings yield electronic music with a human touch. Today, Eaters releases their first self-titled LP on Joel Ford's  Driftless Recordings label. 

Stream the Eaters' album in full below. You can pick up a digital copy over at Driftless, or snag the vinyl version via Dull Tools. Eaters will play an album-release show this Thursday at Glasslands, with Yvette and Dan Friel.

Gardland: "0214 Pt. 2" Video


Gardland is the collaborative project of experimental producers Alex Murray and Mark Smith. In 2012, the duo put out a self-titled EP on their own label, Hunter Gatherer, and last year, they released their debut full-length, Syndrome Syndrome, on RVNG Intl. Now, they're following up that record with Improvisations, a new EP for RVNG that gathers material from live sessions on a local Australian radio station dating back to early 2012. Below, you can stream “0214 Pt. 2” and watch its accompanying video. The combined audio-visual assault pairs a dense, churning mix of synthesizers and percussion with disorienting, warped images of Internet detritus and found video recordings.

Gardland’s Improvisations EP is out soon on RVNG.

Lanuk: "7"


On April 22, Prague-based experimental electronic label Baba Vanga will release vV, a new tape from Lanuk, aka Hungarian producer Árpád Gyulás. Below, you can stream a cut from the release titled "7". While this is definitely heady, experimental music-- glitchy synth lines and abrupt, noisy squelches abound-- it also possesses a certain playfulness and gaiety. Indeed, in the lurching, percussive gait that underpins the track's opening segment, or in the wild, chaotic combination of sounds that overtakes the song during its final moments, Gyulás successfully communicates the sense of joy that accompanies unbridled sonic invention and experimentation.

vV is out April 22 on Baba Vanga.

Who Has Tapes Anymore? #8

Who Has Tapes Anymore? #8

In this eight installment of Who Has Tapes Anymore?, Mike Haley, Ian Franklin, and John Pyle of Tabs Out brings you some of their favorite cassette releases of the last month.

Dane Patterson: Ghosting (Fabrica)
Sound and visual artist Dane Patterson spends 27 strange minutes on Ghosting pinching and warping auditory surroundings, devising weaves of damp whispers and leathery static crashes. Try this simple exercise: Take a few sheets of vellum paper and write out some thoughts with a thick Sharpie. Now, rip those sheets of paper in half and crumble them into balls. Okay, now uncrumble them and tape them back together at random and read what you got. Did you do it? (I know you didn’t but let’s pretend you did). Think about what the audio version of that might sound like. Ideas sloshed and dissolved into each other. That is ghosting. A smarter person than I could probably make an analogy to this tape and Patterson’s visual work. While you search for that person on Craig’s List or Reddit or whatever I’m going to pack another bowl and get lost in Ghosting a few more times.

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Chris Forsyth Releasing Live Album for Record Store Day

Chris Forsyth Releasing Live Album for Record Store Day

In addition to making one of the best rock albums of last year, Chris Forsyth and his Solar Motel Band were bestowed by Denver Westword as being the top jam band to keep an eye on in 2014. Well, The Solar Motel Band is a band, and yes, they can jam, so as long as they're cool with getting lumped in the same genre as Umphrey's McGee, I guess we should all be cool with it. Forsyth is releasing a live version of last year's Solar Motel as performed by the Solar Motel Band at the album's release show in Philadelphia last year. As you may remember from our interview, the Solar Motel Band was formed as a touring entity after this album was recorded. Well, they went ahead and improved an already fantastic album. The live version of this album presents a more visceral exploration the psych elements of the original, as evidenced by some firey slide licks on the below video excerpt. Forsyth's playing here is comparable to that of a very laid back Mick Taylor. Forsyth's first release with the Solar Motel Band, Ghost, will be out soon.

Solar Live 11.18.13 is out on April 19 via Electric Ragtime.

Alan Licht and Brian Chase Announce Collaborative LP

Alan Licht and Brian Chase Announce Collaborative LP

New York heavies of realms both rock and experimental, Alan Licht and Brian Chase jam together pretty righteously. Chase, as you are probably well aware, rose to prominence as the drummer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Over the course of the past couple of years he has been focusing a good amount of his energy on projects of a more abstract nature. You're likely to catch him drumming with Man Forever or performing his own ideas solo. Alan Licht is a plain old gnarly shredder who has been all around the block. His most recent endeavors entailed releasing a great album on Editions Mego last year and teaming up with Lee Renaldo's band, The Dust. We Thought We Could Do Anything is the result of some focused improvisation, with it's scorched earth psych playing ball in the same park as the trio of Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi, and Keiji Haino. Check out an excerpt of the track, "18:12" below.

We Thought We Could Do Anything is out May 5 on New Images Ltd.